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Revision Work for Bubble A & B

Revision Work

Revisions work has been uploaded by your teachers to give you the opportunity to maintain and consolidate your core learning skills now that our core curriculum teaching has been completed.  You should discuss with your family how much revision work you think is reasonable to do in a week.  

The maths revision is broken down into days of the week, as some children may prefer to continue the routine of doing maths everyday.  The English subjects of reading comprehension, grammar, punctuation and spelling offer general revision sheets and activity mats, which are great practice.

There will no longer be videos for the maths work, as it is revision work and we are focusing on video support for the main curriculum learning for this half term, however you can see videos provided by White Rose on how to work through the maths revision work using the link in the powerpoint.

We are not doing core curriculum in school now so these revision sheets are great for the times you are not at school, be it the mornings for the Ash bubbles or the afternoons for the Hawthorn bubbles.

You do not need to post revision work to Seesaw.  A good rule is to post the work that you are particularly proud of or the work where you feel you struggled a bit more and may want to ask your teacher questions about that area. smiley