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School Closure Work

During the School Closure, we will prepare suggested home learning resources and publish them here in the 'Work by Subject' area. Please check daily. 


We appreciate that everybody's family circumstances will be different.  The learning resources can be completed over the week.  You may decide to spend a day gardening if the weather is great or baking for a birthday and then catch up on home learning work on the next days.  A typical day could be spent on:


Maths - 1 lesson per day

Writing - 1 task to be completed over 2 days

Reading - 1 task (there are 3 for the week and read your own book every day)

Grammar/Spelling - 1 task to be completed over the week but practise the spelling patern words and your common exception words every day.

Other subjects - Choose to complete the home learning tasks for either Art, PSHE, Science, Music or PE.

There are many other ideas included on our Year 4 page that you can spend time on too, such as completing a Blue Peter badge or taking part in live events (see links below).


Make sure that you are also helping around the house while you are at home:

  • Make your bed and tidy your room every day.
  • Change your bed and practise putting the duvet cover on so as you improve on your skills from Ufton Court : )
  • Help to prepare all of the family meals.
  • Help with household chores such as emptying the dishwasher, dusting and polishing.
  • Phone relatives and friends to keep in touch.



Useful Website Links and Ideas for Home Activities

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Free E-Books and online reading material