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Spelling and Grammar

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Please watch the video from Mrs P explaining about the changes to spelling.  We have completed our curriculum and, for this half term, will focus on practising how to spell the words on the Year 5/6 word list.  The work set includes word mats with a variety of activities connected to each word and a crossword featuring the words from the Y5/6 list which we are looking at in that particular week.  Mrs P has also set some additional practice sheets for if you are very keen.  These are not compulsory.

There will not be power points explaining the spelling patterns for the Year 5/6 words as they do not necessarily have patterns to their spelling structure.

Spelling video wc 2nd June.mp4

Still image for this video

Spelling - Tuesday 19th May 2020

Your spelling for today is on antonyms.

Spelling - Tuesday 12th May 2020

Here is your spelling for this week - synonyms.  First a power point on synonyms and antonyms with activities to do in your book.  Then have a go at the Wordsearch (it's a bit trickier than normal smiley).

Spelling - Tuesday 5th May 2020

Here is your spelling for today...finding root words.

Spelling - Tuesday 28th April 2020

Here is your spelling for today - practising suffixes.

Spelling - Tuesday 21st April 2020

Today we are revising spelling words with prefixes.

Spelling - Tuesday 31st March 2020

Here is your spelling for this week - words which end in -ent, -ence, -ency.

Grammar Morning Work - Thursday 26th March 2020

On Thursday, for morning work, complete SET A, GRAMMAR & PUNCTUATION TEST 1 (page 2 - 5) from KS2 English, Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling , SAT Buster 10 Minute Tests Book 2.

Hawthorn class - you have your Book 1 workbooks too but only do these as additional work if you feel like it.  Both Ash and Hawthorn will work from Book 2 in our set school work.smiley


When you have completed the test, check your answers on page 60 and self mark please.

Spelling - Tuesday 24th March 2020