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Thursday 11th June 2020

Money 8 - Estimating amounts of money

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Today's fluency is all about finding fractions of amounts.  There are 2 mazes to complete on the worksheet. 


Complete the maze on the left hand side first.  You will need to find unit fractions of amounts (the numerators are all 1) to work out which paths to take.  If you feel confident after completing the first maze you could try the second.  To work out which way to go this time, you will need to find non unit fractions of amounts (the numerators will be different).  Good luck!


Print out the worksheet or write your answers into your blue squared notebooks to keep track of where you are on screen.  You can check your work when you have finished, using the links below.

Money 8 - Estimate amounts of money


Watch the video and look at the text book pages for Money, Lesson 8.  Follow the instructions given for completing the practice questions in your blue squared notebook.  You may want to use a number line with your calculations.  You can either make your own, or print the one in the link below.  


Next, complete the work book pages for this chapter in your Maths No Problem workbook.  You will find them on pages 56 and 57.  You can check your work using the answers provided in the link below.



When  you have finished and checked today's workbook pages, you could have a go at the additional activity or try the challenge.