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French- Thursday 2nd April

History - Wednesday 1st April 2020

Science - Wednesday 1st April 2020

For Hawthorn class, there is a science choice today.  We are looking at air resistance in Forces.  If you have materials to conduct an investigation, you can.  If you do not, or do not want to do an investigation, you can choose to complete the science lesson without the investigation.

For Ash class, you have already looked at air resistance in class.  Please complete the slides without investigation as revision.

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Here is your Art lesson for today.  You may not be able to do this in one go - if not, just take a break once you have done some of it and complete it later.

Monday 30th March 



Time to get those endorphins flowing again! Have a go at one of the following links to get some exercise and make yourself happy blush


Joe Wicks PE lesson for kids- live at 9am

Last week Joe Wicks hot nearly 1 million people joining him live for his PE lessons! AMAZING!


Marlow Club live (you will need to enter an email to access the videos but you don't need to be a member)

On the Marlow Club website there is a section called workout with kids. In here there are children's HIIT training videos as well as some yoga for children which you can dip in and out of. 



Miss Legassick has put on some videos of ukulele playing which you can play along to. There are also many activities which she has put in your Music Book which you could have a go at. Have fun been musical! 

PSHE- Friday 27th March

Today I would like you to be creative! 

This week was your first week at home and both Mrs P and myself are so proud of you. The most important thing to do in times which can cause us a bit of anxiety is to create our own happiness. 

This is your task for today- we would like you to make something, sing something, write something, paint or draw something or make a dance which makes you happy. 

That is the only criteria! We can't wait to see them on Seesaw later! heart

Science - Wednesday 24th March 2020

History - Wednesday 25th March 2020

Monday 23rd March 



This afternoon would have been PE. This time of uncertainty can sometimes make us a bit anxious and exercise is is one of the best ways to combat that because of the endorphins it releases. 

Use one of the following links to get those endorphins flowing today! 


Joe Wicks PE lesson for kids- live at 9am  


Yoga with Adrienne- Rainbow Yoga 


Have fun and keep smiling smiley



Miss Legassick popped some ukulele music into your Music Book before we broke up. 

So grab your uke and practice some of those songs! We would love to see some videos of you practising on Seesaw. 

You could also take part in 'The Masked Musician'! Have a look at the Music page for more details. I know you would all be fantastic at this so go for it!