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W/C 20th April

Be Scientific!


This half-term, we will be looking at Materials and their properties. Do the Home Learning activity in your book.

You might also want to try the Easter cookie activity, even though Easter has been already. You don`t have to cut them into egg shapes. Think about what is happening to the ingredients.


Be Creative!


Carrying on from our Art Challenge over the Easter holidays (the replica photo of a famous piece of art). We would like you to research a famous artist. It might be the same artist who created the famous piece of art you recreated or you may choose to research a different artist. We want you to find out at least 5 interesting facts about the artist and create a factfile, in any way you like.

Be Thoughtful!


Think about Chapter 1 in LWW, upon their arrival at the Professor`s house, Edmund finds it hard to keep from laughing at the Professor’s odd appearance. Have you ever been in a similar situation? Think about how you handled the situation, what strategies did you use?


Draw a stick man of yourself and around the outside write positive personal qualities.