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wc 22nd June

Video overview of the 5 reading tasks for this week.

Still image for this video
Task 1 - Look at the image carefully and then answer the questions in your book.

Task 1 based on an image

Task 2 - Watch the film clip all the way through. Then, watch it again and pause the video at the time indicated and answer the questions.  What do you think is happening in this clip as there is no sound or speech from the characters?  

You will need to complete this work before moving on to your writing task!

Task 2 Joy and the Heron filmclip

Task 3 - Read this newspaper article about a tennis star and then answer the questions. Looking at a newspaper report will also help you for your writing on Friday!

Task 3 Newspaper article based on a tennis star.

Task 4 - Read the information about how to train a dragon and then answer the comprehension questions.

Task 4 How to train a dragon comprehension

Task 5 - Make sure that you are reading your own book or choose an online book.

Optional - you may wish to read this book which links to our rivers and water topic.