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w/c 23rd March

Be Scientific!

This half-term, we have been learning about Light and Dark. Have a look through the attached powerpoint all about Sun Safety. Design your own pair of sunglasses or a sun hat and then create a poster to advertise your product! This can be done on the attached worksheets or in your yellow exercise books.

Be Thoughtful and Be Mindful!

This half term in our PSHE lessons, we have been thinking about staying healthy! We know that we need to have a balance of exercise and a healthy diet. It is also important that both our minds and bodies are healthy.



This week, think about what you can do to stay healthy! Try keeping your own 'Healthy Me Diary' and include in here what you've done to be healthy. Be creative! This could include:

  • Recipes of meals that you've cooked/eaten (you could include labelled pictures/photos of your meals)
  • Physical activities that you've taken part in e.g. workouts, gardening, dancing, yoga
  • You could have a go at writing some of your own meditations! 
  • Describe the activities that you've done that have made you happy e.g. write a review of a film that you've watched with your family or write a review of a game that you've played
  • Perhaps you could try and grow some of your own herbs, fruit or vegetables! 

Be Creative!

The sun is shining! Have a look out of your window or in your garden. Can you spot any signs of Spring?

Your task is to create a piece of art all about Spring.


You could:

  • draw
  • paint
  • collage


Have fun!