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Playground Leaders

Playground Leaders help to provide a happy and safe place to play for younger pupils to support their physical and mental wellbeing.


Pupils in Year 6 apply at the beginning of the academic year to be a Playground Leader and those who are selected receive specific training for the role so that they learn to organise games, during lunch times, to keep themselves and others active. They are positive role models who display patience and kindness whilst developing their powers of communication and organisational competence.


At Burford School, the Playground Leaders Programme forms an integral part of our wellbeing ethos. We strongly believe in the benefits of pupils helping others as it provides the opportunity to gain confidence and leadership experience, improve communication skills, enhance a positive sense of self, increase problem-solving abilities and foster a sense of inclusion. Through this programme healthy relationships are formed; the Burford Values are promoted, and a culture of patience and kindness is embedded throughout the whole school community.